Dog-assisted Therapy

Hundetherapie & Soziale Projekte

Our therapeutic specialty

  • Canine assisted therapy for patients suffering from autism and Down syndrome children and adults
  • Canine assisted therapy for people with special mental illness
  • Accompanied senior groups with diverse diseases and disabilities
  • Children’s Services in childcare facilities

How can therapy dog teams help?

Whether friend, companion or assistant – therapy dogs can help to:

  • break loneliness and isolation
  • improve the general well-being
  • reduce stress or anxiety
  • increase motivation
  • promote social contacts
  • stimulate interaction and communication
  • promote the physical and sensory perception
  • stimulate cognitive skills
  • promote co-ordination and motor skills

The canine assisted therapy is very effective for disabled, traumatized or abused children but also adults and seniors. Especially with children who are very sensitive towards animals good results can be obtained in their personal development, in fields of hyperactivity, lack of concentration or language disorders.