Canine experts congress

For the first time 10 professionals with expertise from different fields of canine assisted therapy and dog training came together in Berlin for an international knowledge exchange.


  • Intensive exchange of knowledge between experts from both cultures, Germany & Spain
  • Development of joint projects and international cooperations
  • Establishment of an international network for canine professionals

I have worked in both cultures, Spanish and German, and recognized how valuable and enriching an international exchange of knowledge is. With this congress a project I have ever dreamed of came true. And I am overwhelmed by the emotions and connections that we have experienced in these three days.

Alejandro Hernández, Initiator

Participants’ Feedback

The congress, the various presentations of the international speakers, the dinners, the fruitful
conversations during the breaks, the new acquaintances that I have made, the spanish and german cordiality and simplicity – all this still remains in my mind!

Alejandro Hernández, to you I pay high respect that you and your tireless team had the courage to bring this congress to life – with hopefully many more to come! Once again a big thank you!

Liz Ott, Hundetrainerin aus Lanzarote

More information on the individual speakers & the program